Turn around!!….. Jad revealed!!

No no no!! It’s not like that!! My face! I am going to reveal my face!

Many of Y’all followed my sex blog where the only images you ever saw of me were random body parts, the back of my head and a small glimpse of the side of my face… I mean fuck it was a sex blog, what do you expect!!

But now this journey is totally “G”Β  “PG” rated so I can show the world my blog readers who I am!!

Are you ready? Wait for it? Drum roll please!!!

Introducing… The one, the only Batshit crazy JAD!!!

rocklahomakentuckyshorty shortscabin medenver31023776_10213864331854776_1683368153_o

Oh and if you have not already checked it out I finally wrote my “about me” section



25 thoughts on “Turn around!!….. Jad revealed!!

  1. Jad!!! I already knew you’d be beautiful but, it’s still so nice to finally see your face. β™‘ I love the photo of you on the rocks.

    On my way to read your new About Me section now! πŸ˜„ You don’t know how excited I am for this new blog of yours!

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    1. Thanks Chrissie, I totally believe that beauty is a state of mind. I battle with weight constantly and went from 200 lb to 145 lbs and I never got compliments or comments about my looks. I gained a lot of the weight back and then a couple of years later lost it again however this time how I carried myself and how I felt about myself was so very different. In photos I am smiling and happy and I hold my head high and maintain eye contact as I walk down the street. The result is I get a lot of compliments from complete strangers which just enforces all the more that beauty is a state of mind!!!


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