Just Jadding around!!

I have a serious question to ask Y’all, how the freak is one supposed to write a blog about Jadventures when I am so freaking busy having Jadventures!! I mean really I had to sneak out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to write this…On a freaking SUNDAY morning when I am supposed to be sleeping in!!! Oh well Michael has strict instructions to text me when he is done sleeping so I can go climb back into bed for some delicious Vanilla kisses…In the meantime,  here I am!!

A couple of weeks ago Michael and I went to “Oktoberfest in the gardens”. I know right, a couple of weeks ago, and I am only just writing about it now!! See!! That’s my problem, so much to do and SO little time!! I am thinking I may have to quit my job to make room for all my Jadventures. Hey maybe I can get a job trying out all the fun shit to do and doing a review on them, wouldn’t that be a cool thing?! Nah, nobody is gonna pay me for that!! It would be like falling for one of them “get paid to shop scams”!!

Oh well, anyway I digress!! Oktoberfest, actually they should have called it “Pissedfest” for two reasons, firstly because all this was, was an opportunity to wear cheap costume store dirndl’s and lederhosen and get totally pissed (Aussie term for drunk) and secondly because I was fucking pissed off (Aussie term for mad) that I paid $40 freaking dollars EACH just for entry and all it was, was a pissup (Aussie term for drinking party)

I was so disappointed, I expected to see traditional German displays, music, food, culture and what I saw was a lot of 20 somethings wearing cheap costumes getting shit faced drunk and throwing up in the gutter!! The only traditional food I saw was someone walking past me with sauerkraut on a hot-dog!!! Oh and the music!! Oh my fuck there is seriously something wrong with a “German” live band trying to play 80s and 90s cover songs!! I guess not all Jadventures are going to be fun and worth the money, this one definitely was not!!

Next up was the “Bay to Birdwood”. People who are lucky enough to own cars made prior to December 1959 can enter to drive them through the streets from the Bay to Birdwood (about an hour or so’s drive) culminating in a picnic/judging/car show.
I wish I was one of these lucky people but sadly I am not and I had to be satisfied with being a bystander but fuck, if I was going to be a bystander I was doing it in style!! Jadsytle!!

I bought tickets at $50 each which gave us unlimited bloody Mary’s, unlimited Mimosas and unlimited food for 2 hours from 9.30 am to 11.30 am….I know dangerous right, who drinks freaking alcohol that early in the morning!!?? Oh shit, speaking of alcohol, I forgot to tell you about the night before!!

As a preemptive to our Bay to Birdwood Jadventure Michael booked a “Boutique hotel” in North Adelaide. OMG this place was SO freaking cute!! It was an old Tudor style home with a detached cottage (formerly the chauffeurs residence) and we were lucky enough to stay in the cottage. It was Michael’s birthday weekend and they left us a lovely bottle of wine in the fridge so we decided to crack open the wine and enjoy a spa with bubbles….Um lots of bubbles!! Ummm nobody told me I was not supposed to tip the entire bottle of bubbles in the spa!! Anyway, we drank the entire bottle of wine between us while in the bubbly spa and I felt perfectly okay BUT once I got out of the spa, hooley fucking dooley!! I guess no food since breakfast and the warmth from the spa created quite a combination and the wine went right to my head, in fact I actually had to take a nausea pill….And let me tell you it was not easy trying to put makeup on and get dressed for dinner when two parts pissed!!!

So back to the “Bay to Birdwood” the next morning, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do alcohol so early in the morning particularly after my evening before but I discovered that mimosa’s are good ANYTIME of the day!! We had a wonderful time and it was well worth paying $50 each for food, mimosa’s and prime seats in a quaint country hotel right alongside the road on the event route. I would definitely do it again!……Except I have decided that next time I am going to dress in period costume and head to the Bay and walk around checking out ALL the cars before they leave and hitch a ride in one of the cars!! I am serious, there were A LOT of cars with just the driver in them and I was like “what the fuck”, I could be riding in one of those cars!! If I was not with Michael I so would have stood on the side of my road, stuck my leg out and hitched a ride!!!
So, next event, its decided!! I am going to sweet talk my way into being a passenger!!

Well I still have a lot more adventures to catch y’all up on but I am figuring that it won’t be long now before there is some kissing in my future and if I am trying to decided between writing a blog while sitting in my icy cold living room (I mean shit it is supposed to be freaking spring!!) or delicious vanilla kisses in my nice warm bedroom….Meh, no choice there!!!  so I am going to add a few photos and sign off!! Ciao for now!!

23 thoughts on “Just Jadding around!!

      1. No, it’s usually the ones who carry on all week about how much they drink etc… I had a transit cop telling me yesterday about how much he wishes he could get pissed. I said mate I haven’t touched anything in 19 years which is why I haven’t got a cold like you or wasting my words. We looked about the same age but I was much older.
        I still got my guitar

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time and that is the most important thing.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about falling behind on Jadventures it gives you some scope to pick the best stuff. (I’m still trying to catch up from August)

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  2. It is hard to blog about all of your adventures when you have so many! Thanks for sneaking out of bed to type this up for us. 😄

    Oktoberfest sounds terrible… but that little Boutique Hotel for Michael’s birthday sounds amazing! So does the unlimited Bloodys & mimosas at Bay to Birdwood. Hope you get to ride in a car next year. 😉

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