Almost tragic trek!!

Dang I am pretty shitty at this blogging about my Jadventures, I mean honestly I have had quite a few amazing Jadventures that I have not written about and I find myself in a position where I only have time to write about the best ones…..Which is pretty fucked up really because ALL of my Jadventures are fucking amazing!!!

I know, maybe I need a ghost writer or something, ya know someone to follow me along on my Jadventures and then write about it for me…What do ya think?!! Nah, you are right, it is a shitty idea because then it would be their adventure too and would no longer be a Jadventure!!

Oh well y’all are just going to have to suck it up and be satisfied with just reading about the ones I choose to write about!!

So let’s start with the “trek”….OMFG!! “Lets go to that boardwalk along the coastline” she said!! “We can walk until we are sick of walking and then we can walk back”she said. “I mean how hard can it be” she said!!Β  SHE…namely this big mouthed bitch I have living inside me needs to learn how to shut her mouth!!!

This photo…. my friends is how we decided to spend a leisurely Saturday morning, and let me tell you there was nothing fucking leisurely about it!!!

10 kilometers!!! I am not shitting you, 5 kilometers there and fuck me dead we then had to walk 5 kilometers back!!! Okay okay so it is only a little over 6 miles total for my American readers but holy shit that was a torturous 6 freaking miles!!

This epic coastal beach hike took almost 4 hours round trip and while it was freaking brutal at times we did have some absolutely amazing views!!

And what of the “almost tragedy” I hear you ask!!? Well the tragedy was I almost did not freaking make it!! I am serious!! I turned a corner to be greeted by another series of cascading stairs that seem to go up and down for no freaking purpose at all except to cause my calf muscles to cramp up and scream in protest…It was at this point I decided I was done, done, stick a fork in me I am done!! I was not going to walk another step forward. All I could think about was the freaking 90 or so minute hike BACK that I still had to do.

So I did what all good people who listen to their screaming bodies do, I told my lovely that I was done and was ready to head back….But Oh NO!!! Vanilla sugar lips decided he wanted to just get around the next corner to see what was there. So he left me to sit on a park bench high on the hill overlooking the beautiful ocean while he trekked on….!!Β He later revealed that he was pretty much done too but he really wanted to make it to the cafe to buy me a drink because I was out of water 400 fucking stairs ago….Awwwwww isn’t he just too sweet!!

Anyway after sitting down for around 10 – 15 minutes and no sign of him heading back I called him up to see where he was at. Turns out the fucking end was only about 15 minutes further on, he was just about to the cafe!! After about another 5 minutes I thought I would start walking a little to meet him coming back…I know, I know I said I was done but I pulled the fucking fork out and found my second wind and it was while I was walking again that I realized I had come ALL this way and what a fucking tragedy if I did not make it to the end when I was SO freaking close!!! I called my lovely Mr Impossible again who was on his way back to me already, but when he found out what I wanted to do he was all for it and said he would head back to the cafe and wait for me so I could reach my goal!!!

So there you have it, I freaking did it, it was almost a tragic ending, I almost did not make it but I really fucking did. And guess what!!! Despite all my whining and complaining it was freaking amazing and it’s places like this make me realize what a freaking amazing country we live in!!

Now as if that was not enough exercise for the day we had just enough time to get home, shower, eat some food before we had to get ready for the Oz Asia moon lantern parade in the city!! Another amazing adventure, sadly the photos just do not do it justice!!

The only annoying thing was that it started off organized, people did the right thing and got their little places to sit all along the edges of the parade route but the moment the parade started all those fuckers stood up….! I mean really, they are huge fucking lanterns, if y’all would just sit down we could all see!!! Ugh!! It was annoying, my legs were tired from hiking up a million steps and I did not want to stand up but what the fuck, if you can’t beat em join em right!!

Ugh, I started off thinking I was going to write about 4 of my recent Jadventures but I used up all my words with just 2…Oh well!! I guess that will have to do for now!!! I will leave you with a couple of photos!



18 thoughts on “Almost tragic trek!!

  1. Cool pics Jad. I’d love to do that walk. My Queen and I walk 6 days every week in the summer. Our long walk is usually on Sunday and we go anywhere from 9 km in the beginning to 13 km later in the summer. But that staircase looks so very cool.

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  2. Those stairs look insane! I applaud you for getting through them. I probably would have never even started lol! The Chinese lanterns look awesome. I hate when other people are so inconsiderate though!!

    More jadventures please. πŸ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

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