Mamma Mia!! Here we go again!!

Those of you who read my former blog can be forgiven for thinking I jumped on that fucking roundabout of online dating again  but that’s not the case… The Stage play, I went to the stage play. My first ever experience with live theater and my first ever experience at the Festival theater. It is true, I am not shitting you 30 something fucking years living in Adelaide and I only just NOW get to the festival theater!!

Anyway, the show was fantastic, I had a wonderful time with my Mr lovely, my adorable Mum and my beautiful friend, Kim!! I am truly expanding my horizons and living the adventures that I have craved for so long!!
My next adventure was the Christmas pageant!! OMG it is an Aussie icon. The second largest parade of it’s kind in the world following the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade!!
The sad fact is I lived in this wonderful place, grew up with that pageant as a child but not once did I take my own children. So armed with Blankets, chairs, and a picnic hamper my lovely vanilla kisses, my amazing daughter and my spectacular grandkids all made the trek into the city to watch Santa Claus come to town.
It was absolutely fabulous! I felt so truly blessed to be finally home with my family and able to experience this type of adventure with my grandkids and my daughter. My grandson was adorable, he wanted to sit down because his little legs were tired but every time he sat in his chair another float came along and he was right back up again. I am surprise he did not wave his little arm off!!
What would an adventure blog be if there were not at least a couple of photos of the pageant!!

So Mr. Impossible and I have had quite a few food adventures and it is kinda sorta getting out of hand! Michael bought an entertainment book and of course we have to get value for money and use it but why oh fucking why does food have to taste so delicious!!

I seriously have to go on a weight loss adventure, I swear just looking at a fucking piece of cake and it settles quite nicely on my hips, thank you very much…Truly, I just fucking looked, okay I might have tasted it a little, Alright a LOT, I ate the whole fucking cake okay!!! Why does all the stuff that taste so freaking good have to be so bad for you! Anyway, I am back to eating once a day during the week which makes food adventures fucking hard when you are counting calories. Friday night we went out to dinner with friends, I met up with someone I have not seen in like forever!! When I say forever I mean over 30 fucking years forever! Anyway we had a great catch up and a nice dinner but I did not eat all my dinner because I was saving room for Gelato, there was a sign that said 48 flavors…I mean really fucking 48 flavors, how does one choose. So I go up to select my Gelato, I was considering asking them to give me a container with a teaspoon of every flavor but when I got to the counter there were 6 tubs…..Of fucking ice-cream!! No Gelato in sight!! I was ripped!! The 48 flavors was the name of the company and the Gelato was just a fantasy!

We have some pretty amazing adventures coming up…Next weekend is going to be busy!! Gold class movie tickets Friday night to see “The crimes of Grindelwald” at $170 per couple thank you very fucking much!! OUCH!!
Then Saturday we have a day on the green which I am super excited about, wine, food, music and good times with my lovely Vanilla kisses!! Then Sunday is the street fair in Semaphore, more fucking food!! Ugh!!

Finally I am going to leave you with a photo of my Chrissie tree…I know, it’s fucking early but the rules in Adelaide are that it is perfectly okay to put up your Christmas tree on the day of the pageant so that is exactly what I did!! Only I discovered the tree that I bought in the after Christmas sales last year was absolutely shit!! It was a totally pitiful tree so I did the only thing that any sane and reasonable batshit crazy person would do, I donated the tree to the charity shop and went and bought a new tree!!
I am so happy with my new tree and super excited for my grandkids to see it!!

I have an OCD about things matching, if you can’t tell!! So if anyone puts a pressie under my tree that does not match my tree I am armed with spare wrapping paper to recover any “non matching kind”!!

15 thoughts on “Mamma Mia!! Here we go again!!

  1. Jad!!! Love the photo of you three at Mamma Mia! You all look so happy. 😄 The Christmas pageant looks so fun, too! That big clown on the bike is awesome.

    I would have been super disappointed about that gelato too!! All of your upcoming events sound like they will be a blast!!! & I love your Christmas tree! ♡

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