Read at your own risk!!

Okay I promise this blog is not anything that is going to make you blush.!! Hard to believe I know considering my apparent lack of filter but it is the truth!!

BUT this is NOT a Jadventure and you do have to decide to read at your own risk though because it is a bit of woe is me pity party post!! I know right, moi? Jad? Having a pity party, who would have thunk it!! Wait…. Don’t answer that question!!

So y’all know the drill, if you don’t want to read my pity party see the little tiny X up there in the right hand corner, just hit it and poof, I am gone!! Don’t you wish you could just switch people off like that in real life sometimes!!

Anyway enough about you, let’s talk about me!!

My hair hurts!! Yup!! It does!! Tell me how does someone’s hair freaking hurt?!
Not sure if I have ever mentioned it before but I have Fibromyalgia. I have lived with it for over 15 years now and most of the time it is very well managed.

My last flare was just after Terry died, I went to see my doctor and he prescribed a new medication called Cymbalta. Let me tell you that stuff was the devil!! The side effects were worse than the Fibro symptoms. During my work day I had to go out to my car daily to take a nap, sometimes twice a day, in June, in Texas!! If anyone has been to Texas in June you know that is NOT pleasant!!

So after that experience I swore of any hocus pocus medications especially those ones you see on TV commercials in the US…. “Did you take “insert drug name here”? “Did the taking of this medication cause uncontrollable projectile vomiting, bleeding eyes, suicidal thoughts and death?” If so call our lawyers today for an obligation free quote”!

As I said my Fibro is well managed with medication (a simple daily NSAID, not the hocus pocus stuff) and I have very long periods of remission. Don’t get me wrong, I always know I have Fibro and I am never completely symptom free. Almost every night there is some muscle or joint that twitches or cramps just to let me know I am not like most normal human beings but these little niggles are just that…Niggles, they do not interrupt my sleep, my activities or my life. I don’t let them!!

But now my  hair hurts!! Let me tell you, when it hurts to have hair on your head and you are seriously considering shaving it off you know it’s bad! I am feeling rather sorry for myself and actually feel quite satisfied that the weather has decided to cooperate and be stormy and rainy just to match how I am feeling!

So I am not sure exactly what has bought on this flare but what I do know is this pain in my arse entire freaking body is not going to keep me down for long. I am a kick arse bitch with super high pain tolerance and I am only going to tolerate so much of this crap!! There, see, I am already talking myself out of it? It is what a lot of people say when they hear someone has Fibro or any other type of illness with mental connotations. Seems we talk ourselves into it we can talk ourselves out of it too!!

Okay I have had my bitchy rant! In  actual fact the truth of the matter is….There is an element of mind over body.!! I can choose to sit on my couch in my jammies all day and have a woe is me pity party or I can take steps to aid in the recovery from this flare, healthy eating, exercise of my body and  mind, and staying engaged with family and friends.

I will allow myself to have a little bit of a pity party because freaking heck…My hair hurts!!! But other than that I am gonna do what I can to get through this bullshit as quickly as possible because I have WAY too many fun Jadventures coming up!!

Oh!! Are you proud of me? I got thought this entire post without a single “F” bomb!!…Freak doesn’t count!

20 thoughts on “Read at your own risk!!

  1. Sounds like it could be allodynia. That’s sensitive to over stimulation of nerve endings and can manifest very weirdly! It goes hand in hand with migraines and fibro and other persistent pain conditions. There is stuff you can take/do to reduce the sensitivity and it’s just another bugger to put up with but there’s no nasty meds at least. Hope you get some relief from the hair pain. I get those weird ass things because of migraine and cluster headaches so I truly sympathize

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  2. That medication was instrumental in fucking up my 30’s or what should be the best decade of human experience. Of course now, it never happened. As several on skid row told me when I got them having a cuppa cos they understood… they said of course, we made it all up. We must never be smarter than a doctor who if he never got the marks to get into uni would never have gotten laid. No wonder they are so adept at railroading monsters.
    What annoyed me most while my life was running down the back of my hammy was the chemist refused to effing pronounce the name of his own product properly when he announced to the neighborhood what I was on.
    I went to the same schools as these guys though not the same parties. Of course the women they typically married went to both and still smile inwardly at my relatively intact cuteness.
    I think my blog may mention such things.
    You rock, Jad. Best wishes x

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    1. So many med’s are the devil, I try to stay away from the ones the big pharmaceutical companies make money from because while a lot of people think the NRA runs America it is actually the pharmaceutical companies……Ut oh, did I just get a little political on my blog…Oops!!

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