This is the end!!

Yup!! I am afraid so. My blogging days are over!!

Seriously, I am not shitting you!

Here is the problem, well actually it is not really a problem, okay it might be a problem I just don’t see it as a problem!! What?! your confused, okay I am sorry let me try again!!

I am having so much freaking fun having Jadventures that I do not have time to write about them!! See why it is a problem but not really, how can it be a problem when life is so amazingly freaking awesome!!

I often think if I had just 3 or 4 hours extra a day maybe I could get back to writing and reading my blogs but yanno I do not even think that would work, I would probably fill those hours with more Jadventures.

I even reduced my work hours to take off Friday afternoons and I still feel like there is never enough hours in the day.

I started driving to work to save time and while I am loving driving to work it means I no longer have blog reading time on the train.

What a dilemma hey? To have your days and evenings so filled up that you have to negotiate with yourself if you want to go to the movies or do grocery shopping. That’s my decision today and I think I am going to skip grocery shopping and snuggle up with my lovely in the movie theater and watch Mortal Engines.

The only reason I even have time to write this blog post is because I skipped a planned lazy Sunday morning sleep in.

So despite the fact that I have had a few weeks where I have been quite sick with my Fibro life has been exciting, fun, adventuresome and just freaking amazing.

I have had some posts in my Facebook recently of memories to share, ones of me moving from Chicago to Texas and then of me moving from Texas and home to Australia and while they make me feel a little homesick and nostalgic I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be with the people I am supposed to be with doing the things I am supposed to be doing.

I have a peace within myself that I have not had for a long time.

So my friends it is time to say goodbye, I will still continue to read your blogs from time to time but no promises.
I want to thank y’all for the comments, follows, love, support and feedback that you  have given me over the last couple of years. It has been an absofreakinglutely amazing ride and one that I will always cherish.

I leave you with these words, they are not plagiarized from anyone, they are my own which is probably why they sound as corny as shit but hey, I reckon they are true!

You choose your own destiny, you choose the paths you walk down. If you take a path that ends up being too difficult to traverse then you have several choices….

  • Persevere over the terrain, navigate the rocks, bumps, hills and crumbling ground, throw your fist in the air and celebrate each challenge you successfully navigate. When your path finally clears you will have gained so much more than just the accomplishment of traversing a difficult path.
  • Blindly stumble your way through without taking care to navigate the terrain, stumble over rocks, bump into tree’s. Eventually you might make it to the end but it will be a rough journey.
  • Deviate from that path and choose another hoping the terrain will be smoother. Sometimes this will be successful and sometimes not, sometimes you may accidentally leave a part of yourself on the old path sometimes you may leave a part of yourself there on purpose. This option is often a gamble and has the added risk that you may stumble back onto your old path.
  • If you cannot see another path, freaking make one!! push your way through the brambles and forge another path! Take the challenge of forging a new way through head on. Use all of your skills and capabilities to make the new path a journey worth travelling.


I know I told y’all it was corny but you know what, it has worked for me. When I started to recognize that life was a journey and we choose the path we are on, it made it a lot easier for me to navigate the terrain. Sure I know that mother nature, the universe, god, the devil, what ever you believe in, sometimes puts some ugly shit in your path.. Crap that YOU had absolutely no control over such as a loved on dying but how you deal with that is up to you. You cannot reverse it, you cannot change it but YOU can decide how you will come to terms with it. Realistically at the end of the day the ONLY person responsible for your happiness is YOU!!!

It is within YOU to CHOOSE happiness!!

I know it is easier said that done, I know from experience….But you can do it because I believe in you…..But most importantly….You have to believe in YOU!!

Take care my friends and thank you for joining me on my most wonderful ride!!

30 thoughts on “This is the end!!

  1. Happy for you Jad, I was wondering when life would take you back, Although writing about your life is fine , nothing better than being happy and fulfilled and too busy living to write about it. I will miss your blog and will have a reunion one of these days .
    PS your words are beautiful and so are you


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  2. 🙁☹️😊😁
    Just when you got us hooked lol
    So sad to see you are giving up your blogging but THRILLED you are in a fab place in your life… You deserve happiness and all I can say is I am glad you found it!!! Your blog will be missed.
    Big huggers & cheers to you my friend xo 💜

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    1. It wasn’t easy to make the decision to give up writing my blog. It’s something I’ve been mulling over for a couple of weeks but it’s definitely the right time….Miss you my friend. 💖


  3. *takes her marble, flips her binkie over her shoulder, shoves her fumb back in her mouf, let’s a single tear slide down her cheek as she shuffles towards the door….looking back and smiling at all the memories from her favorite slightly quirky, bat shit friend from down under*

    You have been an absolute joy to get to know. I thank you for all your kind words as I was struggling with my journey. I have not been so lucky as to find my vanilla kisses but that will be a difficult post to fill after my fireworks on the 5th of July guy. I will always miss him with a passion that continues to amaze me.

    Thanks to you, I am open to new adventures myself. I had a delightful breakfast date yesterday morning complete with flowers and fun.

    Take care my friend. I love you and will miss your jadventures so much. Hopefully you will pop in from time to time with some sage words of advice or just more quirky batshit shit.


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  4. I have only just read this Jad and while I am happy for you (and not very surprised), I will miss your posts too. You were the second blog I discovered and my first follower ever! You taught me so much and have shared so much with me, especially now we live in the same city. I am so glad we connected and I look forward to that being in person from here on 🙂

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