Just who the freak is Jad?

That is a very good question and as soon as I have the answer I will let you know!!!

Ha ha I am just kidding!! This is me Jad!!
I describe myself as a Fun loving, slightly quirky, batshit crazy, self confessed nympho!! In my former life and former blog I took my readers on my journey of Sensuality Sex and Something else when I discovered at the age of 50 that chocolate was not better than sex!!

But that part of my life is over….No no, not the sex, I still freaking love sex but circumstances have me on a new and exciting journey and while I still have magnificent sex I no longer have to navigate through the dark and dreary jungle of online dating. You see I met my Mr Impossible!! It’s really true!! I did not think he even existed but hiding in the darkness of the jungle I found the most incredible beautiful ray of sunshine!! My love Michael!!

So while my Jadventurous journey continues I have the most amazing cohort to join in with the fun, laughter and good times…. To keep me grounded when I need it but to also act crazy stupid with me because holy fuck, our life is so freaking short we need to make it the most fun possible and everyone should have some crazy stupid sometimes!!

So if this all sounds interesting and fun then feel free to follow me!!
Bottom right corner you should see a little link where you can click follow, if you are a word press member then Voila!! You are following me. If not then you are probably going to have to enter an email address. Make sure you don’t give a bogus email because WordPress is going to send you a confirmation mail just to be sure you actually chose to follow me!!
I mean really WTF!! As if you wouldn’t choose to follow me!! I am fucking adorable!!

However!!! On the rare chance that you do not find me fucking adorable and if this blog sounds as boring as fuck then see up in the top little corner…Yep on the right again but this time up the top!! There is a magic little X button and you can just shut me down!! I won’t care…Much!!

Let the Jadventures begin!!!


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